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  The birth of Pinball Restorel

 Pinball History

My passion for pinballs started when I was 5 years old.
I was on holiday on Como lake when my mother and I entered in a pub.
While she drank a cup of coffee, my eyes were caught by a giant machine, with a dreadful monster in the middle, that child of few years looked for my mother's hand and we went out of the bar.
Few days later, I asked my parents to go back to the pub and when  we got in, j went quickly to the machine.
My father asked me if I wanted to play. I took a chair, I jumped up and from there my big adventure began.
Few years later, on my birthday, I found that model of pinball in my home tavern.
It was the "space invaders" model and I think, that was the most beautifull gift I ever received. I remeber that friends and fellow students went to my house to view it every day, even when I wasn't at home.

Some years later, my fiends and me went around the town in motorcycle and the desire to escape was greater then staying at home to play with pinball.
The pinball instead remained in tavern, to wait for someone playing with it.
One day, due to room limitations, we decided to sell it and we put some ads on the local newspapers.
The gentelman who bought it, went to our home to take it away, but I looked at my pinball and I said I changed idea.
In 2001,I decided to set up it, but I didn't know nothing about electic contacts an so on...I asked a little help to my friend Michele, who had just gradueted in electronic engineering. Hours and hours of work to get some little results, smalll steps that led to a overwhelning happiness.
Among friends we spoke only of this and we seemed "crazy for pinballs", but at the end we realized our dream at 100%.
In 2002, a friend of mine, proposes to me, to buy some pinballs and put them in room downstairs his office in order to be able to work for any repairs.
From there, everything began

I payed attention to the machinery, Michele to electronics and Gianluca (an other friends of mine) cleaning of the board. The best thing was that, from a simple passion we coming in a real job.
I think that in life, the most beatifull thing is to work with Your passion!
The space quickly went not enough and then I decided to move into my father's carpentery area, before in a small corner, by little turned in a whole area.
My passion was trasmitted to other friends who were in the leisure time, playing pinball and try just to reaired, I was pleased, but I looked for something: pinballs worked well. but the "cabinet" wasn't as it should be.
In short locked the hand of an artist. I asked to my father to make him hand furniture of pinball. Who better than him with 45 years of career as a carpenter, can give new life and colors to what no longer does? The team was made.
In 2006  has hadded Nicola, who has taken Gianluca's place on cleaning, assembly etc...of playfield.

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